Marionettes, Inc.

During the third term in my year in Camberwell, we were asked to do an illustration project by choosing one story out of the four given. I went for Ray Bradbury's Marionettes, Inc. I turned the four illustrations into a booklet. Here it is:


Manhattan Mono

Portrait of Charlie Chaplin

Portrait of Harold Lloyd


One of our assignments for the spring term was to design four posters for the Manhattan Mono Film Festival featuring five silent film comedians. Interested in the screen-printing technique, I used it to create my own style of portraits. 



Our second task of the first term was imagined drawing. My topic was "How to Get the Sums Right." For me, my sum can be expressed in colorful dots because I am made up of colors.

The Shoes


In the autumn of 2011, I came to London to study illustration in the FDA program of Camberwell School of Arts, UAL. We were asked to do observation drawings of an object of our own choosing. I chose my sneakers, which took me on a fantastic journey to the UK.

This drawing was the collaborative effort of me, my friends Jazel and Caterina. We made it in a lovely cafe on a beautiful autumn day in Camden Town. Upon seeing it, I am always reminded of the beautiful moments we shared then.

Etsy design


I tried my hand at design for my webshop My Little Room on the Etsy website. It was nice to know that they received positive reviews! 




In this series of works, I tried to incorporate Chinese calligraphy into illustration. Suffering from a fast-paced life, I made it a habit to practice Chinese calligraphy on a regular basis, hoping it would slow me down and master the art of zen.

And I hoped eventually I wouldn't have to take medicine for my stomachache problem. 


Passion, Spain


This series is about my solo journey in Spain. I have met people who relate to my loneliness. 

In the end, I find a place among strangers because I see a bit of myself in everyone's story...

Mr. Sun


Mr. Sun finds that he is no longer loved by humankind. People shun him because of his burning heat, which really breaks his heart. 

He discovers by chance that there is a vast world of underground transportation in which people don't have to be exposed to sunlight. It is during his adventure that people realize they can't live without Mr. Sun. But he learns to love them more tenderly.