The Journey


This is a textless picture book that tells the story of those who have the courage to take the road less trodden and go on a journey they dream of when the world thinks they have everything.

I myself was influenced by the story because it took me to London to go after my dream of being an illustrator two years later. 



This was my yearly Valentine's gift for my nephew Von. I want him to know that he is loved by a lot of people.

And he is capable of loving them back and changing the world with his love.

Little Red Umbrella


What do you do at moments of fear and self-doubt? There are always times when we wish we could hide behind a super-powerful armor. 

With a magic little red umbrella and a supportive companion, there are no obstacles we can't conquer on the way to our dreams! 



My 3-year-old nephew Von and I took a walk in the park after the rain on a summer evening. The darkness scared him, so he asked, "Which way is home?"

I thus turned the poetic line into the image.